Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Nothing to do with the Nationals (most gaming thought yesterday went to coming up with someone or something for Buffy to fight at Conpulsion, and the votes are still open there)...

Last night saw the second new genre show in a week start on terrestrial UK TV. (The first is Marchlands, a slow-burn haunted house story.)

Outcasts concerns a human colony on another world, as the first ship for five years escapes from a sketched-in partially nuclear apocalypse. A colony small enough to potentially know everyone around.

It's low-key SF, with one practical Big Idea and in the first episode only one surreally SFnal thing hinted at, a disease whose first symptom is "a halo of light" around the victim's head, like it's affected the body's electrical field or something. (My version would be 87 times madder, with Earth being trashed by Gamma World style Final Wars with mutagenic bioweapons turning everyone in Brazil into vampires and things.) But we've got room for interpersonal drama, heroic explorers, formerly heroic explorers gone Kurtz and the odd weird SFfy thing. Sounds gameable to me.

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