Sunday, 6 February 2011

Time Spies!

Thinking about making a New Wave Requiem trailer got me to thinking about a Victorian Age Vampire trailer which got me to thinking about where I could swipe imagery from and I thought Victorian films, horror films, Victorian horror films, Doctor Who episodes, flashbacks in Buffy and Angel... Alias, like the Requiem one? No, Sydney never went on a mission involving time travel... Hmm...

So I immediately started thinking of a superspy series with time travel as the exotic background.

There's never been a show exactly like that, the closest I can think is Time Cop. There's a TVTropes page called Time Travellers Are Spies but it's about time travellers being mistaken for spies because they act suspicious.

GURPS Time Travel has a fleshed-out setting along those lines, with two competing futures trying to make themselves real, so maybe something to think on. I may come back to this one.

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