Sunday, 6 February 2011

"Where do you get your ideas?" "Sainsbury's!"

(The above quote from Russell T Davies.)

While looking for who I'd swiped a Buffy character idea from, searching through my saved-from-RPGnet Word files I looked at Inane Campaign Ideas by Title for the first time in a goodly couple of years, and The Vampire Queen Of Dark Moon Station caught my eye.

A shoo-in for a space-spanning genre clash like Doctor Who but it could be a superhero hook or something for Infinite Macabre just as easily. Taking that idea and running with it in various directions could lead to as much variety as Black Swan starting on the same page as The Wrestler.

In fact, the only time I ever have trouble coming up with ideas is when I actually have to fit them into a specific game. Which is why, for example, that a year running a military SF game with one alien species, no psychics or time travel or anything like that resulted in me having enough ideas that I couldn't do in it to sketch out a season's worth of Star Trek. And why I could run The Vampire Queen Of Dark Moon Station in tomorrow's Doctor Who game, but I just had a space station last week so I should probably leave it for a while, and I need an idea I can use tomorrow instead of thinking about it...

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