Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Writing an adventure pitch for a convention

... is a pain. There's a trick to it, as Matt McFarland discusses here, but there's the having to do it weeks in advance, and the wanting to be short but not too glib and wondering how much to give away...

I tend to show my hand early, especially when I'm doing a Buffy game, but I'm very aware I could get half an hour of investigation in a three hour slot by not giving the adventure an obvious title. Still, the obvious title, draws the eye...

Here's what I have this year:

Buffy Versus... Buffy?

If you're the Chosen One, how come there are two of you?

The death of a magical animal and the attempted murder of a mystic healer - the clues all point to a Vampire Slayer gone very, very rogue. And when Buffy and her allies investigate, they're more than a little surprised by what they find...

4-6 players. Suitable for new or experienced players. Familiarity with the setting is not essential, but I imagine it would come in handy.

And to show how a professional does it, Gar's Primeval demo:

Message in an Anomaly

Anomalies are appearing, holes in reality that connect the distant past to the present. When prehistoric monsters invade the modern world, it's up to you to contain the incursion and protect the public.

This incursion's different, though. Someone's sending you a message from millions of years in the past – and the message is "HELP ME"...

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