Thursday, 23 February 2012

2000AD is 35

And not 12 and a couple months.

(An anniversary here as well, my 250th post.)

A formative experience for a British SF/comic geek, complete with the early trauma of getting part two of Judge Death Lives! and none of the rest of it when I was six and Way Too Young to deal with the Dark Judges planning on killing a city block and Judge Dredd dismissing fifty deaths in this cliffhanger so it was a couple years before I got to see the greatest panel in comics and was able to put my fears aside.

There are plenty of worlds in those innocuous little magazines, waiting to dive in. Dredd got his own RPG of course, and another one recently along with Strontium Dog and Slaine. Other candidates like the scarred war-world of Rogue Trooper and the swashbuckling Russian future of Nikolai Dante, the mythos pop culture superheroics of Grant Morrison's Zenith and Alan Moore's unfinished masterpiece of loss among the stars Halo Jones...

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