Monday, 6 February 2012

Being Human is back and... whoa...

I'm pretty down with developments here from a grew-out-of-a-flatshare-comedy-drama perspective, but it certainly ramps up the horror and for WoD-fuel it's still hard to beat.

The prologue is a bit too high in the Weird Level for the WoD, I did a similar trick one week in TWH.

If I were to bring werewolves or ghosts into my Requiem game they might well be in the Being Human style - alone or in small groups, disorganised, human first and monster second, to be pitied as well as feared. Contrast with the organised vampires, who of course have internal dissent as well as outsiders trying to stay on the straight and narrow. (Series two is about why being Prince would be a nigthmare for anyone with a decent Humanity.)

Check out The Old Ones - a really chilling little short that introduces the building threat. A modernisation, and a kick upwards in terms of grimness, of the Demeter, it could be the start of a one-shot with a likely TPK.

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