Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Great And The Good

Today sees the release of Britons of Distinction, a really vague theme for a stamp set. I knew Alan Turing was going to feature in one, but I did not expect him to be right next to M.R. James. Chances are the only other time these two men have featured together in such a small list was a list of real people I've used as NPCs. Turing helped save the world from an alien computer in Doctor Who and James was the reason the Watchers went to King's College Cambridge in The Watch House.

Does this now mean I have to come up with adventures featuring architect Sir Basil Spence, composer Frederick Delius, textile designer Mary Morris, WWII secret agent Odette Hallowes, engineer Thomas Newcomen, contralto Kathleen Ferrier, architect Augustus Pugin and social reformer Joan Mary Fry?

That could take me a while. Hallowes looks the most promising right away. Pugin's in trouble, as my current Vampire game already references Hawksmoor...

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