Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Atari Force!

News via Morgan Davie: the clearly busy Dynamite Comics partner with Atari to adapt classic games and reprint Atari Force.

Now... Atari Force is a weird one. A DC-produced five-issue series from 1982 with a team of science heroes having adventures somewhat connected to Atari games of the era, with some of the best creators at DC working on it. It then came back as a big action-adventure space opera comic from DC in 1984, which got a big push from the company (like the first three interior pages of their sampler magazine for the year where the likes of Amethyst, Star Trek and Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing only got the regular two), ran for twenty issues, and due to rights issues for its in-name-only licence was never seen again... UNTIL NOW.

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