Thursday, 16 July 2015


Killjoys is a new SF series created by Michelle Lovretta, of Lost Girl, and looks even more like 15-cert Firefly than her previous show looks like 15-cert Buffy. Which is not a knock, coming from me. (Also I’m not jealous at all. Shut up.)

Having spotted her creator credit, I also started looking for Lost Girl parallels... like the hero being a tall dark badass who has a mysterious past, mostly wears dark practical clothes but sometimes rocks a slinky dress, has issues with authority, is specifically unaligned in a brewing political conflict, has a mouthy thief for a sidekick and a potential interest in a hunky ex-soldier, hangs out in a bar where they play folk music...

It’s also Strontium Dog, in that it’s about bounty hunters IN SPAAAAACE who are on the fringes of society and regarded with suspicion.

It looks to be a fine and game-friendly setup. Will see what more episodes bring.

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