Friday, 17 July 2015

Miniaturisation and expanding it (sorry)

Marvel’s Ant-Man is out in cinemas. So inevitably I’m thinking about miniaturisation.

I’ve talked about miniaturisation before, here and here. It remains a fun gimmick for an adventure, or as here for a character.

In Ant-Man it’s sold as stealth technology, but the real danger of it goes beyond just people becoming the size of ants and all the chaos they could cause - it could change the world on a level like splitting the atom, making this a threat worth telling a story about alongside the fun of falling through cracks in floorboards and getting into epic battles on top of Thomas The Tank Engine train sets.

In the context of the Marvel Cinematic Universe it probably won’t become that important because its potential effect would raise its overall Weird Level too much, but if it wasn’t part of a larger (sorry again) setting it could define one of its own.

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