Saturday, 25 July 2015

Leverage: The Tabletop Job

Having finally gotten a hardback copy of Leverage, and being one disc away from the end of the show (awww), seems like a good time to think about running it. It’s more mechanically hefty than I generally go for, but the heft supports the style of play - Flashback activation, complications paying off.

My natural inclination after doing it straight is an urban fantasy version with crooks battling vampire gangsters. I’ve done games without the option to drop in monsters, but only for select audiences and there’s usually been something crazy in the premise, like superspies.

Jamie of TWH fame mentioned wanting Shadowrun with a different system in a recent RPGnet thread, and that’s certainly something it could do, short circuiting the frequent issue of spending more than half a session planning a break-in. (Idly thinking where I could get cyberpunky Tolkien races to do a fake credit sequence...)

Or Mission: Impossible. Or...

See also Sabotage for a practical example, complete with series creator John Rogers talking about the Actual Play. (Of course I’m jealous!)

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