Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas 2015 haul

With a couple things left to come in but everything here opened:

Star Wars:
The Art Of The Force Awakens. Which is big and beautiful and I spent the first hour of the day looking through.
Smuggler’s Run, by Greg Rucka. A brand new novel, would make a great adventure for games in the Rebellion era and after a prologue tying it in to The Force Awakens it starts with Chewbacca looking at his medal. REPRESENT!
Wild Space, collecting mostly 70s comics. Including The Day After The Death Star! by Archie Goodwin, which features... Chewbacca getting his medal. REPRESENT!

Doctor Who:
Last year on Blu-Ray. Does not include the anniversary or Christmas specials. Humbug.
The annual.
The Eye Of Torment, collecting the first year or so of Capaldi comics from DWM, full of good strange adventures.

Serenity: Better Days and Leaves On The Wind, from Dark Horse Comics

DVD / Blu-Ray:
Lost Girl season two, off ye wishlist
Escape From Vampire Island, very much not off ye wishlist :D

Injection by Warren Ellis
Tank Girl poster magazine

A truly frightening pair of black leather gloves. :)
Much food naturally.

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