Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Empire Strikes Back

I will get to a point with these sometime, I swear. But anyway.

The guy who finds Luke and Han on Hoth gets killed. Harsh!

General Veers is competent, coolly rational, and leads from the front. He never reappears. Which is a shame as a capable Imperial would help build their threat. Captain Needa accepts full responsibility for failure and gets Force choked like Michael Sheard. That seems counterproductive. (Veers dies in a deleted scene, much the same way Piett dies in Return Of The Jedi. But it was deleted, so nyer.)

There’s one American on the bridge of Vader’s ship. Suspicious!

Speak like this, Yoda actually does little. Yoda’s speech is like this more.

Vader’s helmet normally gives him a low angry brow, but the tilt of his head as he asks “Perhaps you think you’re being treated unfairly...?” makes him look amused as he messes with Lando.

This is the darkest of the originals, but even with Luke is mortal danger and Han in carbonite, the escape from Bespin is still loads of fun, mostly thanks to the droids.

“I love you!”
“I know.”
Right in the feels. Every damn time.

Cutting off Luke’s hand is the kind of change that a player would need to be okay with, even if he does get a new one right away. Although all the movies have some lightsaber slicing and dicing, so maybe he knows what the critical hit tables are like...

And of course, so would the reveal...

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