Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Star Wars

(Episode IV: A New Hope)

When I was a kid, I thought that Stormtroopers and TIE pilots were Darth Vader’s guys while the regular soldiers were Tarkin’s. Nothing about this film shows I was wrong.

Other observations - rambling alert.

Stormtroopers have asymmetrical knee armour. What’s that about? (Apparently “it provides extra support/stabilization when kneeling to line up a shot” as OAFE suggests while providing that photo but presumably only works for one side, and we see Stormtroopers using their blasters with both hands...)

Vader sounds oddly Scottish when he says “Commander - tear this ship apart until you’ve found those plaaans!

R2-D2 seems so vulnerable here considering how totally badass he becomes, especially in the prequels. Audience affection is the greatest power.

The dialogue and Luke’s reaction is what really sells that Ben has died rather than... teleported or something.

In terms of setup and payoff, the Imperial officer Vader strangles seems like a loose end - he survives and never reappears. I could imagine a quick shot of him spotting the danger of the Rebel attack and abandoning ship...

And what is up with the Imperial guys in beige jackets? (Having asked, I have been informed they’re intelligence officers according to Wookieepedia, but really.. beige...)

I love how Han just slides into the booth, and the movie, with no fanfare or closeup or fuss at all.

And how Ben clearly knows the Kessel Run line is bullshit.

And yeah, thirty-seven years later, I still say Chewbacca should get a medal.

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