Friday, 18 December 2015

Star Wars games I have been in

This is going back decades, so will be a tad shaky.

Back in 1988, I nearly ran the new game in high school. I say nearly...

Played some through college time, Rebellion era, some published adventures and all. Not sure who I played. May have run some. Been a while.

My first character was probably Aneva Dorlan, smuggler co-pilot. I think. I recycled most of her first name for one of my few Force-using characters years later.

We had a false start with The Far Orbit Project, sadly. I was going to play the Alliance liaison and a pilot as well as GMing some slots, but we got two or three adventures into it (one of them mine) and fizzled. Still tempted to revisit it.

I felt confident / dumb enough to GM a prequel-era game in 1999. How did it go? There was no sequel in 2002, let’s just say that.

I seem to have played pilots fairly often. One was a short-notice character, but his simple motivation worked - “I’m from Alderaan.”

My most vivid play memory was Vannik Dahl, bodyguard to a smuggler turned Rebel agent, bull-rushing a Dark Side Adept out of a stolen AT-AT full of explosives being driven by said agent towards a Sith temple by said pilot, grabbing the ledge, seeing the Adept leap back up - and explode as one of the other PCs had snuck one of the bombs into his robe.

That group later uncoupled a half-built Super Star Destroyer’s main engine and fired it through the ship.

Good times.

I played in the d20 version for a couple months. I played... somebody, possibly a soldier? I remember a cool lightsaber fight in the catwalks under the moving roof of a hangar bay during a massive sandstorm.

Speaking of cool lightsaber fights, played a Feng Shui hack for prequel-era Jedi.

Lately played a couple riffs on my DIY future setting, and gave the FFG version a shot.

Now playing, at the conn of a mutinied Star Destroyer shortly after the destruction of Alderaan.

What next? Probably something in the Resistance era....

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