Monday, 11 July 2016

Ghostbusters: Answer The Call

The new Ghostbusters is a decent remake with a lot of gags (some of which hit, some don’t) and nice effects (and a nice trick with the effects that I won’t spoil) and creepier ghosts on average and so many callbacks. I’d say it fixes one of my major problems with the original, while having a few of its own.

I liked it more than Ghostbusters II, anyway.

And as a gamer who ran the original game when it came out and would still run it now, is it gameable? Pretty much, but not the same way. I’ll put why after a cut.

About as much as the original, but not in the same way. The original set up the premise of Ghostbusters as a business so an ongoing version could have clients introducing monsters of the week (as well as a line about franchise rights which the RPG ran with but the spinoffs never did) while this has the Mayor and the authorities wanting to preserve the masquerade but the crew investigate stuff on the down-low. So it’s about as gameable as the average urban fantasy, without the USP of being out in the open about it...

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