Friday, 22 July 2016

Star Trek Beyond

As someone who pretty much loved the first one and liked Into Darkness apart from the Khan fakeout and references, I liked Star Trek Beyond about as much as the 2/3 of Into Darkness I liked. Lots of fun asides and a few things fans have commented on for years being shown on screen. Yorktown looked great, and reminded me of Tomorrowland (art director Don Macauley worked on both). Krall’s argument against the Federation ultimately isn’t very strong, but it’s a different and interesting villainous motivation.

A fair amount of laughs at the showing I attended, applause just for the dedication at the end.

One point I’ll highlight is the relatively small number of “redshirt” type deaths. Since the entire crew is in jeopardy care is taken to make some of them distinctive, so the viewer can track who’s who and who’s in danger when, even among the non-speaking extras. Having distinct visuals really helps to keep a large group of NPCs sorted.

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