Saturday, 16 July 2016

Ghostbusters Miniatures

I may have bought the Paranormal Exterminators from Crooked Dice. Ahem. I should paint them up and put them next to my converted toy car and The Real Ghostbusters Mr. Stay-Puft from back in the day.

Fingers crossed for versions of the 2016 team, other than the chibi plastic Ecto Mini versions...

This beautiful firehouse diorama makes me do the grabby hands thing.

These miniatures, also rather yes.

Ghosts and assorted monsters are plentiful, of course. Plastic miniatures allow translucent ghoulies in various shades, as seen in the official board game - and indeed in The Real Ghostbusters action figures back in the day! Cops, SWAT, cultists, panicked crowds and the like are available as well.

And yes, I have also considered prop building. A PKE Meter never quite came together twenty-five years ago... The clunky DIY style lends itself to this, of course.

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