Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Ghostbusters stats for Ghostbusters (Answer The Call)

These specifics are not really Ghostbusters spoilers, but hey.

Let’s give them a boost, like the original cast got in the boxed set, so fourteen points instead of twelve. Except Kevin. No extra points for Kevin.

Dr. Erin Gilbert
Goal: Be Taken Seriously (Serving Humanity)
Brains: 5 (Parapsychology)
Muscles: 3 (Run)
Moves: 3 (Proton Pack)
Cool: 3 (Convince)

Dr. Abby Yates
Goal: Be Taken Seriously (Serving Humanity)
Brains: 4 (Parapsychology)
Muscles: 4 (Ghost Gauntlet)
Moves: 3 (Proton Pack)
Cool: 3 (Fast Talk)

Dr. Jillian Holtzmann
Goal: Nuclear Powered Everything (Soulless Science)
Brains: 5 (Electronics)
Muscles: 2 (Intimidating Stare)
Moves: 3 (Two-Gun Slo-Mo)
Cool: 4 (Remain Unfazed)

Patty Tolan
Goal: Sort This Out (Serving Humanity)
Brains: 4 (History)
Muscles: 4 (Ghost Shredder)
Moves: 3 (Dodge)
Cool: 3 (Bargain)

Kevin Beckman
Goal: Am I In Goal? What Are We Playing?
Brains: 1 (Not Bump Into Things)
Muscles: 6 (Lift)
Moves: 3 (Drive)
Cool: 2 (Distract Self And Others)


  1. Haven't seen the film yet, waiting for the home video release (already pre-ordered on Amazon!) but it's always great to see fresh stats for the Ghostbusters game.

    1. Working out the equipment cards would probably take longer. :)

  2. And for comparison, several other versions all coming out fairly similar.