Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Borrowing from borrowers

When Law Abiding Citizen came out in 2009, I jokingly observed that it was the Punisher. And to an extent, yeah, a vigilante targeting specific people for vengeance over the murder of his family and the failings of the system in dealing with it, just using drones and other traps instead of straight-up violence, and told from an outside POV.

So now rewatching it after Daredevil season two... the MCU take on the Punisher narrows his scope from an all-out war on crime to a specific vendetta against those who killed his family, and tries to justify himself to the viewpoint character. It’s a nice tightening-up of a serial character for a miniseries and potential later use rather than ongoing adventures - which ends up a bit like Law Abiding Citizen.

There’s probably talk online comparing and contrasting the two, but it’s hard to find because Googling both names together mostly turns up... that Law Abiding Citizen comes in a double bill DVD set with the Thomas Jane version of The Punisher.

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