Thursday, 5 January 2017


Also all caught up in iZombie. (Expect a few “all caught up” posts in the next month because of the free Netflix.)

Verrrrry loosely adapted from a Vertigo comic, it keeps the main character’s look and the hook but that’s about it. The comic is a pop culture monster rally, while the show has two grades of zombie and that’s basically it. Functioning zombies are more like vampires with brains instead of blood, and zombies who starve and rot are your basic Romero style.

Most of the episodes are a mix of funny-horrible procedural, interpersonal drama and ongoing plot with recurring threats. Our hero receives memories and (usually funny) personality quirks from the brains she eats, getting them by working as a medical examiner for the police and using them to solve their previous owner’s murders. All pretty doable in Bubblegumshoe probably, like series showrunner Rob Thomas’s non-fantastical previous series Veronica Mars. The interpersonal stuff is perhaps more Cortex +-y, and the ongoing Big Bads and Liv’s occasional use of zombie strength and rage swing more to Buffy.

I admit I have trouble taking the evil head of an energy drink company entirely seriously as a villain...

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