Sunday, 22 January 2017

Stranger Things

Netflix, caught up, etc. Maybe the hype killed it for me but...

Stranger Things, well, kind of worked for me. I was there for the actual early 80s so I appreciated the effort (and winced when the agents picked up MP5s from a locker in the future - seriously, nothing says early 80s like the Uzi 9mm) but I’m not sure a hybrid Spielberg / King homage (with music riffing on John Carpenter for added tonal dissonance) really worked.

And it was really three shows that met in episode seven.

The kids were in a World Of Darkness: Innocents game with little real danger, the teens were in Fear Itself with plenty of danger and the adults were in DramaSystem.

Still, at least it had closure, apart from the little epilogue. Netflix sure does like its cliffhangers.

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