Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Frightening Futures

We just came third out of twelve teams (38 out of 43) in the Cameo film quiz on this topic. Somewhat better than tenth (of ten) for the Christmas special last month...

The only picture question none of us got was a still from a 1998 Canadian end-of-the-world film called Last Night. So now obviously I have to watch it.

Looks fun...
On this topic gaming-wise I’ve run a fair number of pessimistic SF games, cyberpunk dystopia and post-apocalypse wasteland. Never for very long, though. My longest is probably The Stars On Fire, one academic year of military SF with warring human nations more or less coming together against an alien threat, and that still had humanity surviving the 21st century and colonising space in the 22nd.

I’ve dropped PCs into their own potential futures (not counting games where time travel is standard) in The Watch House, with a psychic PC getting a vision that went full-contact Days Of Future Past style. One hero was dead (best absent player excuse ever!), another was mad, another had a character-building scar, and the receiver of the vision found her future self was a leading vampire. It’s a spin on The One Where Everyone Acts Out Of Character, not playing for laughs for a change.

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