Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 was fun, but not as good overall as the first, I think. It overplayed some of the jokes, and I’m not entirely happy about the developments required to defeat the villain.

Also, so many cameos, some of them distracting from the film itself. I was amused by some, puzzled by others. Looks like some of them will go on to matter in later films.

Ben Browder from FarScape as the Sovereign admiral, okay, that’s a nice nod to a show that GotG shares a lot of tone and style with. Sylvester Stallone being in one scene and then rounding up a gang of space pirate captains who just appear at the end, that’s just kinda odd.

There’s even a cameo from another Marvel character in the credits - not the during-the-credits scenes, the background of the actual credits!

The music from Peter’s childhood felt organic in the original, but here it gets dropped in when he’s not around and at one point Rocket asks for some to be played.

And the developments? Well, I know Star-Lord was always half-alien and a bit super, but MCU Star-Lord is such an ordinary guy that him even temporarily ascending to cosmic godhood feels... eh. And his mother’s death as motivator... was the destruction of the universe not enough?

And another big development was really rather obvious thanks to some helpful exposition.

And oh, so long to reveal the villain.

Eh, well.

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