Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow, the TV series, is to end after four seasons. And I just finished catching up on the first season and a half.

I was advised that the mid-season break there is the point to stop for those who want closure as the show goes downhill after season one. Which looks to be true from that half-season already.

When I started up after the fun pilot, I was expecting it to run at a higher consistent Weird Level than it did, more like Angel than mid-season The X Files, considering it’s about...

Ichabod Crane being a Revolutionary War hero mortally injured in 1781 while fighting the Headless Horseman (and indeed making him headless), put into suspended animation by his wife Katrina who is a witch and revived in the present to fight the Horseman, who is actually one of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, teaming up with an understandably sceptical police officer, Lieutenant Abbie Mills, who has her own issues with demons and madness plaguing her family and the town.

I was a bit let down right from the first regular episode, when the two regular cops who backed Abbie’s story after getting halfway through trying to get the Horseman to put his hands on his head were written out and didn’t become recurring characters. The precinct captain joined the crusade, so having a couple of comic relief guys on the team too would have worked for me.

Another group seemed to be set up as potential allies and got murdered offscreen the next episode. It helped emphasise the danger of the battle against evil... but made the setup episode feel a tad wasted.

And some the real-world occult history was clearly dropped in a blender. (Druids are Greek?)

To be fair, the Weird Level ramped up quite a bit. Fighting monsters on horseback! Zombie Redcoats! Portals made of fragmented reality! Animated suits of armour with flaming swords! This is what I was after!

Though the “more like Angel” thing went a bit too far...
... when the season cliffhanger had Ichabod’s evil son bury him alive and stick Abbie in an afterlife while still alive.

And then in season two, the captain gets sidelined, Katrina gets kidnapped repeatedly and made demon pregnant, we get a new character who fits a type I featured in TWH but never tried to make a main character, Ichabod and Katrina have Relationship Drama and the Horseman having an illusory head more often than not.

Oh well. Tails you win.


  1. I actually stayed with the show through season 2 but perhaps more through a want to like it than anything else. I really liked the two main characters and the show's humour.

    I have to admit that the descent into tropes, failure to develop Crane and weak villain of season 3 finally made me make a proper decision on the matter. I still watched most of season 3 out of a perverse sense of duty but managed to break away.

    1. Yeah, I might have gone further if it were actually on TV anywhere I could see it here, rather than getting it on DVD rental so actually having to watch it a few episodes at a time.

  2. I love the show and actually thought season 3 was great it was deeper and steadier. I also like season 4 I hope a cable company revives it

  3. I love the show and actually thought season 3 was great it was deeper and steadier. I also like season 4 I hope a cable company revives it