Wednesday, 22 December 2010

How would you model the common cold?

Stamina type check, maybe buy a Willpower type check for "I don't have time for this!" determination, with failure resulting in a negative modifier to all rolls for bloody days?

Thinking a bit wider, there's a vast spread of normal diseases that player characters are never in any danger of. I don't recall ever seeing a Call of Cthulhu character with TB, or a Werewolf with lockjaw. If characters get sick, it's A Big Deal, and probably a curse or an alien bioweapon or something.

Mundane illness is generally ignored, left to the players, or maybe the GM could discuss it with them. I can see suggesting something like Buffy, Killed By Death where our hero saves the day while hospitalised with flu.


  1. Had Deadlands character almost die from Lockjaw once (tetanus) after being shot to hell, then locked in a POW camp. For the longest time I thought I would lose him. Not a good way to go.

    From a gaming perspective, it,s alright to lose a character from a bad run of rolls in combat. Not preferable, but allowable. To die in his bed is not fun, from either a gaming or role-playing perspective.

  2. That's some pretty harsh GMing (for a fairly GRIMDARK! game) but yeah, dying in one's bed would only be an interesting roleplaying thing one time. Maybe twice if the dying character was a Viking or something and really wanted to die in battle..