Friday, 31 December 2010


Primeval is back as of tomorrow (and here's fifteen minutes of webisode preamble) and has an RPG on the way, adapting the Doctor Who AITAS system.

While it doesn't have the anywhere-and-everywhere of Doctor Who and most of its villains are animals, there's enough to run a few sessions there, I reckon.

Probably more on the backstory than the dinosaur MOTWs, which are a great visual element but would probably be less cool to hang entire sessions on at the gaming table. (Although bringing out one's old toy dinosaurs is always tempting.) Because there's skulduggery in the present (as focused on in the previews), a disastrous future to prevent, parallel timelines which the PCs themselves might be responsible for altering...

And the still-hanging mystery of where the anomalies come from, why they're popping up so frequently here and now. Is time itself about to break down completely?

And dinosaurs.

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