Monday, 20 December 2010

I can't find what came in at 1 or 2. So presumably actual toys.

D&D is the third best toy ever. According to an online poll. An online poll conducted by Channel 4, and a normal opinion poll as well, but an online poll nonetheless.


  1. Number one was Lego, but I've blanked on number two (sorry).

  2. Fair enough on Lego. So not the Toy Hall Of Fame's infamous "a stick" then?

  3. Frisbee and Hula-Hoops were there! And lots of computer consoles.

    It was entertaining and nostalgic viewing - just annoying that D&D was singled out for snobbish mockery (which I guess we should be used to) and a ridiculous claim by some random talking head that D&D "nerds were probably the type who would rig an online poll like this"!

    Given the fair crack they gave most other toys - even the pretty rubbish ones - I felt the treatment of D&D was unjustifiably snide (especially considering it did come THIRD!)

  4. In all fairness, I immediately suspected exactly the same thing.

  5. And you don't think fans of all the nerdy computer consoles didn't think the same thing as well - I would have thought they were prone to such tactics as computers are "their thing" :-)

    But what does it matter? D&D came third - and by default "all roleplaying games" - so it can't do any harm! At least they didn't bring up the Satanic nonsense and such scaremongering, as opposed to the poor man who invented the twin line kite when he admitted that three people really had died from using his system (falling off cliffs!)

    Just remembered - number two was Monopoly :-)

  6. Ah, Monopoly, the game designed to cause strife and argument around the table. How nice.