Wednesday, 29 December 2010


The president of the local game soc posted (on Christmas Day, no less) about how some games have fizzled and some players have moved and so on, so looking at new games and spaces in existing games.

Given that I missed the start of the academic year and the traditional Grab New Players Day, so couldn't get two players to rub together for anything... should I bring along my previously unsuccessful ideas, or something else?

This is partially my traditional "why don't you just run D&D like a normal GM?" problem where not all of my ideas will appeal to the majority of potential players. But, eh, I dunno.


  1. Is there such a thing as a normal GM? ;)

    I say blog on! Even if you're not playing, your ideas may still inspire and even get you feedback. Keep your creativity sharp.


  2. Normal GMs run D&D from published adventures and yet still get players.

    Not players I'd want, but still...