Sunday, 5 December 2010

Well... huh.

Blade: The Series just finished its belated Freeview run last night, and... yeah, it could reasonably be described as a damp squib. Obviously they didn't know that they were going to get cancelled, but Blade not killing the Big Bad when they get into a (very short) swordfight was particularly galling.

On top of the fact that Blade himself was the central character in, what, three of the thirteen episodes, while the rest of the show was about Krista the sad vampire and the Ventrue House of Chthon.

I could also make snarky asides about the Prince boss being an Evil Brit called Marcus Van Sciver, where "Skiver" in British lingo means "habitually workshy", or the fact that the doors make the same sounds from Bloodlines, or that the Geoff Johns episode features the gratuitous impaling death of a minor character, or the assassination of the elders at the Concl- no, it actually is called a Conclave...

Still, there were nice ideas tossed out through the run, the odd nice fight, one of the Bladecentric episodes (the one where he's trying to get a pregnant girl across Europe) is a great example of a "make your Lone Wolf PC look after someone" adventure, and the bit where we see a vampire explode only as reflected in Blade's sunglasses is nice.

And it's a closer adaptation of Vampire, particularly Masquerade, than its own TV show was. Inevitably.

(Also late night, we had the season finale of Merlin. Much better swordfights all round. Great Smallville game using Pendragon as a sourcebook to riff off.)

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