Saturday, 22 March 2014

Happy Hellboy Day!

20 years since he hit the scene (and not long until he hit his first zombie Nazi) raise a glass to the World’s Greatest Paranormal Investigator! Always ready to solve apocalyptic problems the player character way.

Hellboy straddles the line of superhero and urban fantasy, a public figure as well as a monster hunter. He was a state secret in his first film and then outed in the second, but I always liked the original comics version where people are pretty casual around ol’ Red, reflecting his own casual approach to his calling.

He starred in his own RPG (which is the only GURPS rulebook I own, having many supplements for use with other games) as well as a HeroClix set.

His influence on The Watch House includes various monsters of varying degrees of affability, that Everybody Knows episode I never ran, and probably most significantly borrowing Rupert Evans to play William.

And if I ever carry out my threat to do a crossover Urban Fantasy Hero Avengers one-shot, he’s definitely on the list, along with Buffy of course. (I can never decide which wizard called Harry to use, though. I should just go with Mildred Hubble...)

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