Saturday, 22 March 2014

My own private Rohan

All caught up on Game Of Thrones and, well, it remains a curate’s egg. Something good happening (to anyone other than Daenarys) still makes me cheer by dint of its rarity. The big twist of season 3 was also the most spoiled moment of the year in all geek media. But I still get a happy whenever Joffrey oversteps and has to back down.

It also has me thinking of doing a classic fantasy world, with the Bickering Fiefdoms and the Goblin Hordes and the Pirate Country and the Blasted Hellmouth and all. Mostly just to do something different with it, while also playing with knights and castles and dragons and things.

I’ve been the voice of reason trying to unite Bickering Fiefdoms against an overwhelming external threat (Tribes in Werewolf: The Apocalypse, for the record) and would love to give players that Gondor Calls For Aid moment.

Probably not what I’ll actually run next year, but some fun idle thinking for now.


  1. Oh if you do run a fantasy game I am so there :). Of course I'll be there in spirit rather then actually being there as y'know distance but..this would be awesome.

    1. Depending on assorted factors like the having of players and the not being able to make so many jokes in-game and such...

  2. Yes, for some reason high fantasy does seem to lend itself to far too many in game jokes...

    Sorry I got over excited. I just think any high fantasy game you come up with would be really cool.