Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Pathfinder audio drama by Big Finish

Via Rose: A trailer and character voice previews for the first release. And the range from BF.

An interesting choice here - audio gives the immediacy of drama and the budgetary freedom of fiction, and Big Finish know their way around the dialogue-as-description issue that audio drama often has thanks to years of Doctor Who and more. And being a British company the signature/iconic characters mostly sound British apart from the slightly American fighter, in classic Hollywood fantasy style.

(And yes of course I've thought of doing games as audio plays.)


  1. Really looking forward to this. Was impressed by the storytelling in the Pathfinder comics, so expecting something of a similar calibre. Big Finish rarely disappoint.

    UK readers would probably be better off ordering these direct from Big Finish:

    1. I'm half-way through the first episode and really enjoying it. Some great voice acting there.

    2. Cool. (And a review would be welcome. :) )

    3. Hopefully sometime this weekend :-)

  2. Here it is: