Monday, 17 March 2014

Veronica Mars

Having rewatched season one of Veronica Mars in advance of the film I helped back on Kickstarter (enough that I maybe paid for someone’s nail polish for one scene) I then borrowed and mainlined season two over the weekend. It’s a fun show apart from the tendency to mood whiplash due to its style (Buffyish snarky teen hero) and substance (crimes including murder and rape, class warfare...) sometimes cutting against each other.

Gameable? Well, there’s a somewhat similar example game sketch in the Cortex+ Hacker’s Guide (on the same page as not-Firefly, not-BSG and not-Supernatural, all of which had official Cortex iterations unlike VM). And a “Bubblegumshoe” teen mystery set forthcoming if you want to focus on the clues rather than the drama.

The tricky bit with a Veronica Mars RPG would probably be juggling ongoing mysteries with mystery-of-the-week, and keeping it grounded, since that’s something the show often has trouble with. And I’m not that good at running mysteries myself, which wouldn’t help. Adding monsters really does simplify things in this case.

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