Friday, 28 March 2014

Marvel Cinematic UK

In which I am a huge nerd. (Like this is news.)

Between the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in cinemas and Revolutionary War Omega in comics shops, the inevitable happened and I got to thinking about what a Marvel movie based on the Overkill 90s Marvel UK mini-line would look like.

Let’s go with the shared villains, Mys-Tech, a cabal of immortal wizards gone corporate.

Would it include Captain Britain? He has a bit too much common ground with Captain America, I think - flag-clad representative of just one of the audience nations and all. He might also be tied up with the X-Men licence as leader of Excalibur, the obvious choice for an X-Universe UK flick.

Likewise Knights Of Pendragon, which might be a bit dark for the plan. It’d be nice to put Dai Thomas on screen, but not essential.

Maybe substitute the Black Knight as the obvious “guy with a magic weapon” archetype, with the Arthurian vibe for added tourist-friendly Britishness, then we get sword fights too.

Faiza Hussain would take the “guy with a magic weapon” role in a different direction. I’d be tempted to make a Faiza movie separately, though, or make her the Arthur in a KoP reworking.

My pick for team leader would be Dark Angel - her high but limited power level gives her a lot to do and an interesting restriction, and being the child of one of the villains gives her a stronger motivation than Brian’s sense of duty. (Fan casting: Rose Leslie.)

The biggest star of the lineup is Death’s Head, the snarky mercenary war robot. (He’s getting an action figure in the Marvel Universe line!) I’d absolutely go with the original here, not the None-More-90s DH II.

Motormouth as comic relief. Probably leave out Killpower, as he was comic relief to the comic relief and a parody of the thing we’re making.

Warheads as enemies turned allies.

James Purefoy as Pete Wisdom. Now please.

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