Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Scottish Superheroes

For comparison, an RPGnet thread once led to me creating a particularly Scottish superhero team, which looked like this. A just-happen-to-be-from-Scotland group would have been quite different.

The Lions Rampant: Scotland's secret defenders

HQ: Hermitage House, Edinburgh.

A mystical team formed to defend the land against invasion by the Unseelie Host, the Sluagh and the Giants.

Name: Sir Gawain of Lothian and Orkney. Apparently he means it.
POB: Nordelone, Orkney
Archetype: Martial Artist - European knightly martial arts
Inspiration: Gawain from The Knights Of Pendragon (first series)
Appearance: Big loud red-bearded man in armour
Major Power(s): Superhuman strength and combat skill, rapid healing
Flaws/Drawbacks: His strength waxes and wanes with the rising and setting of the sun. At noon he has the strength of twelve men, an hour earlier or later it's eleven, another hour it's ten...
Quote: "Come on then, one and all! I have faced your betters a thousand times!"

Name: Unrecorded
POB: The shadow of Ben Nevis
Archetype: Mystic
Inspiration: Raven, Teen Titans
Appearance: Beautiful young woman with long red hair, dressed in white
Major Power(s): Flight, telepathy, tracking, fear attacks, senses channelled through familiar (crow), immortality
Flaws/Drawbacks: She is active only from Beltane (May Day) to Samhuinn (Hallowe'en).
Quote: "The days grow short, soon I must sleep and you, my friends, must stand alone."

Name: Moira Morrison
POB: Tayside
Archetype: Atlantean
Inspiration: Marrina, Alpha Flight
Appearance: Thin teenage girl in shabby clothes, with green streaks in her white hair
Major Power(s): Water breathing, weather control, superhuman dexterity
Flaws/Drawbacks: She will lose her powers if she ever falls in love.
Quote: "Ucch! I swear, the air smells worse every time I come on land!"

Name: Iain Ewart
POB: Bowmore, Islay
Archetype: Supersoldier
Inspiration: Ensign Ewart
Appearance: Young squaddie with a sword strapped to his back
Major Power(s): Inheritor of an unnamed Roman sword that can cut through any material, also has superhuman combat skills and peak human strength and stamina.
Flaws/Drawbacks: Young and inexperienced.
Quote: "I'm very aware that I only have a sword and they all have guns."

True Thomas
Name: Thomas Learmonth
POB: Earlston, Berwick
Archetype: Mentor
Inspiration: Giles, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. With added Cassandra.
Appearance: Tweedy University Of Edinburgh academic
Major Power(s): Prophecy, insight, true sight (invulnerability to illusions) - also access to the country's historical and mystical societies.
Flaws/Drawbacks: Under a geas against lying.
Quote: "Trust me."

Name: Douglas Thomson
POB: Glasgow Necropolis
Archetype: Mystic
Inspiration: John Constantine, when he appears in other people's stories rather than in Hellblazer
Appearance: A handsome young man with white hair
Major Power(s): Able to physically interact and fight with ghosts.
Flaws/Drawbacks: They are able to physically interact and fight with him in turn. Also gets on poorly with Glasgow's official police-backed team, the Claymores.
Quote: "Anybody out there?"

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