Saturday, 26 July 2014

The huge action scene on the poster of your game

And as a break from Batman, The Avengers: Age Of Ultron is a mere nine months away, and here’s the concept art poster showing the kind of trouble our heroes are going to be in.

I often make posters for games I want to pitch, but they’re generally more abstract as I’m not much of one for painting, and of course they can’t generally show the main characters as the players have yet to create them...

But if you could, what kind of image would a big adventure suggest? What would be the poster for the movie, or the advert for the episode, or the cover of the comic?

Or the reverse, have you seen an image that made you want to include that scene in a game?

For The Watch House I might go with the horde of regenerating vampires from season four, the dragon from season six, or DEATH from season seven...

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