Monday, 7 July 2014

Urban Fantasy Angels

Today is Rose Bailey’s birthday! Happy birthday!

And on RPGnet, she wants urban fantasy angels. “I've always been fascinated by angels, and particularly their interactions with the modern world. They're strange creatures, always glorious, sometimes sad.”

See my entry below, for... Angel. Coming up with limits on her ability was the most interesting part.

The Spear Of The Dawn

Veteran-level PC

Attributes (25+7 from Qualities)
Strength 5
Dexterity 7
Constitution 5
Intelligence 6
Perception 3
Willpower 6

Skills (45)
Acrobatics 3, Art 2, Computers 0, Crime 1, Doctor 4, Driving 0, Getting Medieval 4, Gun Fu 0, Influence 4, Knowledge 4, Kung Fu 4, Languages 2 (but see below), Mr. Fix-It 2, Notice 4 , Occultism 5, Science 3, Sports 0, Wild Card (Aerial Combat) 3

Qualities: (33)
Attractiveness 3
Fast Reaction Time (2)
Hard To Kill 5
Nerves Of Steel (3)
Situational Awareness (2)

Empathy (2)
Enhanced Attributes: +2 Strength, +3 Dexterity, +2 Constitution
Flight (house rule! At running speed) 2
Immortal (0)
Iron Mind (3)
Supernatural Senses: Night Vision (2)
Telepathic Linguistics (house rule! - can communicate with anyone, but can only read and write languages she learns normally)

Drawbacks: (-8)
Adversary 2
Emotional Problems: Loner 1 (from Buffy Revised)
Honourable 2
Secret 3 (You know how many evil spells call for the blood of an angel? Not that many actually as it's a pain to get, but they tend to be pretty big deals.)

The Spear Of The Dawn (Spear for short) generally looks like a young mixed-race woman with long wavy dark hair (the better to swirl around dramatically) and eyes that catch the light strangely. Her accent's very "proper" whatever language she speaks. She generally wears practical loose clothing in light colours, standing out from the monster-hunting crowd.

Oh, and she can fly at the speed of sprinting.

One minute she was in a Higher Realm, the next she was on somewhere called "Earth". None of the Thrones and Dominions she can call seem to be answering. Was there a war? She's pretty sure she wasn't cast out or anything. She'd probably remember something like that.

But right now, there are people in trouble, and things from the Lower Realms walking the earth, so she has plenty to do.

Although she really misses being able to light up a room like the day, especially when fighting vampires.

She's not good with modern technology, up to and including written languages.

"I thought you could understand every language?"
"Every spoken language!"

She's rather unsure of herself considering she's a vastly powerful superhuman being. Like as a top-flight PHD student who didn't walk into a waiting job and is now looking for temp work.

And these mortals with their lives going by so fast, so full of passion, they're fascinating. Especially... she really shouldn't be thinking about that.

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