Thursday, 19 February 2015


Plans are apparently afoot for a TV version of Jim Starlin’s Marvel Epic (and various other places like First and Malibu Comics) SF series Dreadstar, which was one of the wilder “comics don’t need to worry about the budget” space operas to come out in the wake of Star Wars. It has the man who killed the Milky Way fighting a sinister intergalactic church, backed up by a catman, a blind psychic and a lich. (By comparison, Mike Grell and John Ostrander’s Starslayer only killed our sun after being abducted by time travel from his home in Celtic Britain, and acted like that was a big deal.)

It’s a fine example of setting up a space opera setting where the main characters make a major impact... in one issue the heroes fight fifty gold cyborg royal guards (each individually designed by the writer/artist) and that’s a minor side point.

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