Saturday, 7 February 2015

Game Masters

Currently at the National Museum of Scotland here, Game Masters is a pretty big history of video and computer games with over a hundred playable. It’s a big hit, so much so that this is not a personal review as we couldn’t get in today... Phil Harris managed to, reviewing it for Bleeding Cool.

Part of me wants to try and run adventures based on some, if not all, of these. Some of the plots are rather too straightforward (like for the dance games) but it would be easy to grab a story hook, or a visual, or a specific problem from a variety of games and stick them into another genre, How would your group deal with seemingly endless waves of monsters attacking from the sky?

“That man is playing Galaga. Thought we wouldn’t notice. But we did.”
The Avengers - before Tony has to hold off a swarm of alien invaders from the top of the screen.

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