Monday, 9 February 2015

What is best in life?

Conan is coming back to RPGs, from Modiphius.

With just two days to go for a multi-million-dollar Kickstarter for a board/miniatures game from another company, it’s a busy week for him.

(And a busy week for makers of fleshtone paint for miniatures. Sensibly-dressed Conan and friends are absent among the variant figures.)

Adventuring warriors in fantasy worlds are not exactly underserved by RPGs, but there’s a space for Conan because straight fighter types are often outpaced by magical characters. The TSR and Mongoose versions actively discouraged magic-using PCs in various ways.

Adaptations tend to up the fantasy spectacle content - my introduction to the character was the Marvel Comics version wrestling with an enemy on a beam suspended over a pit with a giant spider in it, and that didn’t seem like a big day for him.

Whenever a Conan story starts, I wonder who the Prince being addressed is. (Dark Horse Comics offered an answer when they picked up the licence in 2003, so it’s not just me.)

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