Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Crow

Brandon Lee should have been fifty years old today.

The Crow is a classic World Of Darkness style film, while the comic has a further rawness to it, as well as more of the melancholy as he stops to talk to people on his way.

The sequels... both comic and film... well, I have a soft spot for City Of Angels (mainly the soundtrack and Mia Kirshner’s adult Sarah) and the recent comic Curare (about a detective trying to solve a little girl’s murder... with the little girl’s help) but they all pale next to the originals, especially the later films, and the TV show...

A remake/reboot/reimagining has been a long time coming and seems no closer at least three announced and departed stars later (Tom Hiddleston, Bradley Cooper and Luke Evans - personally I’d like to see someone like Emily Blunt in the lead - and apparently I’m not alone, she’s in talks for a remake of Escape From New York...) but I’m sure we’ll see it someday.

For games, a vengeful revenant is easy enough, but several at a table would be a little strange. The Risen for Wraith: the Oblivion addresses this in a small sidebar. For myself I did consider a game about four “horsemen”, but never did anything with it.

The recipients of the Crow’s power are basically unstoppable too, and that lends itself better to one-shots. Taking this power away for the final battle is pretty much traditional since the first film, for obvious upping-the-stakes reasons, but before that there’s a lot of fun to be had in knowing you can win every fight and just deciding how. Hell 4 Leather was built to tell a story like this in a couple hours and out.

Having something like this burst into an existing game could be interesting as well...

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