Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Vampire: The Miniatures

Nosferatu-type Ghouls here. In hoodies (like Hunters in Left 4 Dead) and clambering out of sewers. Found while searching idly for Buffy miniatures, through here.

Not that I use miniatures (a) more than about once every five years or (b) ever for World Of Darkness games, but I still likes the toys, I does...

Nosferatu are the trickiest clan to get suitable figures for, of course, although there are plenty of original Nosferatu Orlok himself. Mantic Ghouls are lovely multipart figures for less modern examples.

The other clans can be represented by regular miniatures painted with an undead pallor and dark clothes - trenchcoats and katanas optional.

Ral Partha actually produced official classic World Of Darkness miniatures, most of whom seemed to have their arms in the air for some reason. I got the Tremere two-pack and never got around to painting them. RAFM meanwhile produced the, er, not dissimilar Fantastique Noir: Vampyre line - the Nosferatu gangster inspired a character in a game a while later. For the new World Of Darkness there are only the clan miniatures for the boardgame Prince Of The City based on the first edition Requiem clan characters.

Were I so inclined, I’d start with this list. The trick is finding characters that aren’t leaping into action.

(And for the record, Hasslefree, Artizan and Character Options provided miniatures for The Watch House...)

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