Saturday, 2 January 2016

Hey, I haven't seen it since last year!

I went to see The Force Awakens again, thanks to Sam and Louise for a ticket! This time looking out for small details like...

Details of a spoilery nature, naturally...

How long Poe is away. (Fifty-one minutes.)

Whether Space Scottish Guy gets eaten by the Rathtars. (He lives! And continues to get a laugh from unspoiled local audiences. And one of the X-Wing pilots sounds Scottish as well.)

The voice of Obi-Wan when Rey picks up the lightsaber. (Both Sir Alec Guiness for one word and Ewan McGregor for a clear sentence.)

How well you see the Hassk Thugs. (A decent view of one, from behind, in passing.)

The Resistance transport being based on a B-Wing. (I can see it now I know to look at the cockpit.)

Whether I could see the First Order Snowspeeder, as seen in 28mm-friendly model form here. (I could not. Might have to buy one anyway.)

In other news, the creator of the animated Buffy and Doctor Who credits Stephen Byrne (soon to illustrate a Serenity comic story) made this! And I want more now.


  1. I did see the snow speeder for just a moment. You can see it through a doorway when some characters banter a building. It's in the background but center frame.

    1. Well now I'll have to go watch it again. :)