Friday, 29 January 2016

The first event for the new Vampire: The Masquerade

End Of The Line is a Nordic-style LARP, with a new light system and no required familiarty with the World Of Darkness, part of a convention in Helsinki:
You know you have made it if you are on the guest list for the 'The Line'. Elusive. Illegal. The club is the place to be in the Helsinki nightlife. These are the parties you only hear rumours about. The rich and the poor mix with the criminal and the insane. Here are more drugs, weirder sex, cooler dance moves and better music than most can handle. The club moves from location to location to elude the police. This time it will be held at a closed insane asylum in the centre of the city. 
The Line has two simple rules: If you want to do something, do it! If you hold back, you will not be invited again! So you better make sure you give everything this night.
You know The Line is a dangerous place. It looks like a squat. All guests might not leave the party alive. But that does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you are on the list! You cannot wait. This will be the most exciting night of your life.
Sixty players, twenty playing vampires. Plenty of room for players not familiar with the setting, and also a reason to keep the Masquerade up even in such suroundings.

As the first official event for the new White Wolf, I wonder if it counts as a statement of intent. Vampires and mortal mixing socially in an environment where the vampires can play a bit fast and loose with the Masquerade - a social-focused game not unlike the first edition intro adventure Baptism By Fire. Mark Rein-Hagen wrote about that recently, incidentally: “I figured almost no one would know how to run a non-adventure or non-detective based Chronicle (this is back in 91 remember) unless I explained how to it.”

We’ll see what happens later on, as it’s also a prologue to the event happening at The Grand Masquerade this autumn, the biggest dedicated WoD and Vampire LARP event in the world. This is also mentioned in this interview where Martin and Tobias discuss some of their plans and ideas.


  1. Will you be attending End Of The Line? I enjoy reading about Nordic LARPS, even though I never have - and probably never will - actually LARPed myself.

    1. No, but I hope to get to TGM. And I know someone who might be at EOTL. So we may get a report in due course...