Monday, 25 January 2016

The Eight Faces Of Tutankhuman

“King Tutankhamun: 8 Face Charges in Connection With Restoration of Pharaoh’s Mask, Officials Say”

What’s a Face Charge and why does his mask have eight of them?

... Oh, wait. Never mind.

Besides being a demonstration of how not to use capitalisation in a sentence, it got me thinking about masks having mystical powers. The golden mask of a king gives an aura of command while the mask of an animal grants its perceptions, that kind of thing. A blank mask makes you anonymous beyond simply disguising you, no-one can recognise your voice or gait either. There’s a lot of this in various mystical traditions, but the only time I recall seeing it in gaming was in a Fighting Fantasy book. Hmm. Could be a good hook for a superhero or villain?

For Whovians, see The Six Faces Of Delusion, now most famous as a Doctor Who Magazine quiz joke.

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