Monday, 18 January 2016

Scream Queens end-of-term report

Well, I think the timeline of events in Scream Queens works, but after wondering how the constant tonal shifts would work I’d say they pretty much settled on one for the final episode wrap-up - one that doesn’t work for every character and basically drops a couple of them, but that wasn’t going to be possible anyway.

What to take away - get everybody on the same page for tone, or at least the same book.

(For comparison, American Horror Story: Coven is a fairly consistent comedy-horror-urban-fantasy miniseries from a lot of the same people that also stars Emma Roberts as a self-centred fiend. She’s not as bad in Freak Show.)

One interesting wrinkle in her character is that she’s consistently wildly horrible to just about everyone - except Chad, because she desperately wants his approval. It’s a nice example of a character being two-faced in minor ways, something to consider when coming up with a cast of shifty types like a political game’s local court.

Would a game about getting away with multiple murder work? Maybe... not for long, probably.

The heroes failing to solve the murders or catch the killer (and nearly getting in on the murder-y act) wouldn’t really work if they were the PCs.

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