Monday, 8 February 2016

Chariot - doomed weird Atlantis

Crowdfunding now, Chariot from Wood Ingham. Short version from here:
The mechanics are based upon a hand of Tarot cards, and are scene-based. You get a hand of cards; you add attribute + points pool + card; if you get one of the Major Arcana or a Court Card, you get bonues and non-standard things happening. No dice, just cards. 
As for the setting, it's Atlantis, albeit Atlantis based upon classical occult literature as filtered through the imagination of the writer - me - when I first encountered it as a teenager. So it's full of Lemurians and Rmoahals and blue-skinned cyborg amazons riding technologically enhanced sea dinosaurs. It has a year or two before it sinks, and the PCs are those who are destined to shape the destiny of those who survive.

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