Monday, 22 February 2016

Propulsion 2016, and my current emergency GM plans

Propulsion, the charity gaming marathon I have in the past helped run, is back on after much room-seeking and eventually settling for a mere seventeen-hour run rather than the classic twenty-four.

And I should probably GM something, I guess.

Dunno what.

Likely candidates:

Star Wars. Apparently something happened with this setting recently, did you hear? The pitfall here is that people might expect or want the new system, which is not where I’d go. And I already forwarded my d6 System cut-down version to Matt for the game he’s planning to run at Propulsion. Which also has Star in the title, being Star Trek...

Buffy. I can do this in my sleep, and indeed have. Although after Conpulsion 2015 when I got zero uptake for a Buffy game...

Leverage. Speaking of zero uptake, the game nobody wanted to play on Sunday afternoons. Am I just being spiteful at this point?

Doctor Who. Easy enough to sell, but all of space and time makes deciding on a specific adventure a bit tricky. If I were running a mini-campaign over seventeen hours, sure. Although that would give Matt (Kai in The Door In Time) a sad.

Icons. Probably with the Avengers or equivalent. Again, the trick there is providing a suitable adventure.

Vampire: The Masquerade. Running it now, so... but it’s not a good game for one-shots.

Something with a high body count without charity rerolls. Ideally on an Aliens level. Sort of gaming the system, though...

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