Monday, 8 February 2016

Divided We Fall

Ever had inter-party conflict actually be awesome? PC versus PC, obviously, not player versus player - that only works if the game is meant to be antagonistic, like Fiasco, Paranoia, social LARPs and some tournament adventures.

Both times I’ve seen PC versus PC really work have perhaps inevitably been in The Watch House, with PCs temporarily going evil and having to be stopped. One was played straight, a creepy and tricky Angelus-style possession of Jake the psychic by an ancestor and his player showing why e often runs horror games, and the other for laughs with Andy the werewolf split into his beast and human halves and his player portraying both sides as rather hapless. In both cases everything played out in the open and the players all knew to make it as bad as possible for each other.

I’ve never seen a straight-up ideological conflict play out successfully. I’d be interested to give it a shot, but it would need the right motivation... as well as a chance for the PCs to fight each other and it be awesome.

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